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DJI Inspire 3


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Inspire 3 is a professional camera drone that adopts a fluid new design that takes aerodynamics fully into consideration to reduce air resistance. The max dive speed has increased from the 9 m/s of Inspire 2 to 10 m/s, while vertical ascend/descend speed has increased from 6 m/s and 4 m/s to 8 m/s. Powerful maneuverability delivers responsive, accurate control and an extended flight time of up to 28 minutes.

At the peak of aerial cinematography, DJI Inspire 3 offers unprecedented workflow efficiency, camera language, and creative freedom. This all-in-one 8K camera drone empowers professional-level filmmakers to fully maximize the potential of any shot and master the unseen.

Key Features:

  • Full frame 8K/75fps ProRes RAW
  • Full frame 8K/25fps CinemaDNG
  • Dual Native ISO
  • 80° Tilt Boost or 360° Pan Dual Configurations
  • High Dynamic Range of 14+ Stops
  • 1/1.8-inch Ultra-Wide Night-Vision FPV Camera
  • Centimeter-Level RTK Positioning and Waypoint Pro
  • O3 Pro Video Transmission with Dual-Control
  • DL-Mount Lens Selection
Full-frame 8K ProRes RAW/CinemaDNG Features an 8K sensor with internal recording of up to 8K/25fps CinemaDNG video [1] and 8K/75fps Apple ProRes RAW video [1] in full frame.
1/1.8-inch Low-Light FPV Camera A new 1/1.8-inch-sensor FPV camera with a 3μm pixel size, 161° ultra-wide DFOV, and the ability to transmit live feeds at up to 1080p/60fps.
360° Pan and Tilt Boost Inspire 3 features 360° Pan and Tilt Boost configurations. Tilt Boost allows for obstruction-free 80° upward-angle shooting.
O3 Pro Video Transmission A max transmission distance of 15 km and 1080p/60fps, 4K/30fps live feeds with low latency. Also features dual control mode.
RTK and Waypoint Pro Centimeter-level RTK positioning makes flying more stable and accurate, significantly improving features such as the new Waypoint Pro.
DJI PRO Ecosystem Support Inspire 3 supports the DJI High-Bright Remote Monitor, DJI Master Wheels, and DJI Three-Channel Follow Focus, increasing coordination efficiency.

Tailormade Full-Frame 8K Sensor
Max Video Resolution: 8192×4320
Max Photo Resolution: 8192×5456

Up to 8K/75fps or 4K/120fps Video Recording
Supports 4K/120fps Full-Frame with no cropping.

CinemaDNG & ProRes Raw Codecs
Also supports ProRes 422 HQ and H.264.

Dual-Native ISO & Up to 14+ Stops of Dynamic Range
Full-frame 30fps and below: Native EI 800/4000

Max 80 Degrees Obstruction-Free Tilt
Also supports 360 degrees obstruction-free pan.

Timecode Sync
Sync timecode with other cameras through the 3.5mm port.

Supports 1100 Mbps write speed and 900 Mbps read speed and can directly connect to a computer via USB-C cable.

DJI RC Plus Included
DJI RC Plus features a 7-inch, 1,200-nit high-bright display.

Pro Cinematic-Grade Video Transmission
Transmits 1080p/60fps live feeds at a max 15km1 distance in single-control mode, and up to 12 km[1] in dual-control mode.

Supports 4K Live Feed
4K/30fps live feed support for UHD monitoring and livestreaming.
Independent Links for Dual Control
Two remote controllers can receive independent live feeds and control relay is supported.

RC Battery Hot Swapping
The built-in remote controller battery provides a 3.3-hour operating time, extended to 6 hours with an external battery

DJI Pilot 2 App
Provides a professional monitoring interface for easy access to camera exposure, video specifications, focal length, recording length, and gimbal angle.

Professional Accessories
The remote controller works with accessories like a strap and waist support for comfortable and efficient use.


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